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The genesis of Mauviel 1830

Posted on August 26, 2016 by Jean-Pierre Jacobs

A family business since its inception, Mauviel 1830 is now a key player in the upscale kitchen utensils market, designed for catering professionals as well as the general public.

It was in 1830, that Ernest Mauviel, founder of the company, created the brand in Villedieu les Poêles, a historic "city of copper" since the XII century, located in lower Normandy in the Bay of Mont St Michel.

So far seven successive generations have come to the head of the company and succession now seems assured. In the beginning of the XX century, when Europe moved to scrap, the young Ernest Mauviel factory received an order from the army to equip its canteens.

In 1921, the White Star Line asked Mauviel to equip the kitchens of its new luxury transatlantic…. the Titanic! Reputation of the strength of its cookware was then ready to cross borders. Unfortunately the teams didn't have the time to check the legendary lifespan of the pots.

During the Second World War, France had been ravaged and ransacked, however the small town of Villedieu was miraculously spared. Consequently, copper became a rare and expensive material and in this light, Armand Mauviel decided to retool the kitchen with a collection made of aluminium pans. Gradually Mauviel 1830 conquered other lands and entered prestigious kitchens of the rich and famous.

In 1965, to secure its orders, the brand launched a new production unit that would mark the return of this distinguished brand as we know it today.

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Chef Nathan Rich only uses Mauviel

Posted on September 09, 2015 by Jean-Pierre Jacobs

Mauviel pans are the highest
quality product. I’ve been using
them for years and they hold up
to the demand of a Relais and
Chateaux kitchen. I couldn’t
imagine using any other pans.”

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Chefs who admire Mauviel

Posted on September 09, 2015 by Jean-Pierre Jacobs

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is admiring the
assortment of Mauviel stainless steel and copper
cookware available in ABC Carpet & Home’s abcmkt.
Turning a gleaming copper pan over in his hands,
he remarks, “I’ve been using these at home for
twenty seven years - since 1987.” He stops and
smiles, “I only wish I had bought them sooner.”
from: l photo: Joshua Young

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