Copper Fondue Set with Glass Lid | Mauviel 1830 Copper Fondue Set with Glass Lid - Mauviel 1830

Copper Fondue Set With Glass Lid


  • Fully contained Fondue Set for table service and enjoyment.
  • High quality appearance and excellent attention to detail.
  • Crafted by hand and finished individually.
  • High Performance: Copper heats more evenly, much faster than other metals and offers superior cooking control.
  • Superior durability ranging in thickness from 1.5mm - 2.5mm
  • Mauviel cookware is guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defects (Warranty not vaLid for commercial use)
  • Made in France.

Use and Care Instructions

Before first use and after use, carefully wash your pot/pan with hot soapy water then rinse and dry.

  • Never overheat an empty pan, this can lead to irreparable damage.
  • Always cook over low to medium heat.
  • Over time, Copper can change color through use, however this will not change the conductivity of the Copper material.
  • Never clean your Mauviel item with bleach. This can lead to irreparable damage.
  • If food sticks to the inside of your pot/pan, soak it with hot soapy water.
  • To restore the shinny copper surface to your Mauviel pot/pan, use our Copperbrill cleaner.

Type: Fondue