Mauviel Mineral Steel Curved Saute Pan | Mauviel 1830 Mauviel Mineral Steel Curved Saute Pan - Mauviel 1830

Mineral Steel Curved Saute Pan

The French-made, commercial-grade pans are made of smooth carbon steel, which has all the upsides of cast iron—a natural nonstick quality through seasoning, excellent heat retention, and the ability to withstand even scorching oven temperatures—but in a smoother, lighter-weight, industrial-inspired design.
  • MADE IN FRANCE. Made of extra thick black steel /carbon steel. Iron handles. Excellent heat conduction –ideal for searing.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE. Commercial grade durability withstands high temperature allowing for longer preheating and excellent searing capabilities.
  • NATURAL NON-STICK. Before first use, season the pan per manufacture recommendations. The pan will build up a natural nonstick property and darken overtime.
  • CAN BE USED ON ALL COOKING SURFACES. Gas, electric, induction, halogen stovetops, and in the oven.

Type: Sautepan